Abant is located 34 kilometers southwest of Bolu, offering a visual feast for four seasons with a different beauty every season of the year. Bolu Abant, which is the address of weekend getaways especially close to Istanbul and Ankara, is a perfect place to stay in nature and to fill your lungs with fresh air! Abant is a beautifully landscaped home in all seasons, surrounded by a forest of almost every ton of green, but it is the best place for you to spend pleasant and peaceful time with the activities it offers.

Abant is a place where you will be fascinated by natural beauty and you can enjoy this region more with its places to visit and activities that can be done. Abant Lake, Yedigöller National Park, Samandere Waterfall, Güzeldere Waterfall, Fly Fly Yyave Knit Plateau are among the places to be seen in Abant, which is full of the natural beauties donated by the mother of the mother. If you want to walk in fresh air in this beautiful place with high oxygen level You can choose to take a short break and feast on sausage, or pick up natural blackberries, mushrooms, rose hip and mountain strawberries around. In Yedigöller National Park and in the waterfalls you can sign photographs that will wow your viewers while you spend time in nature.

In addition to all these, the Bolu Abant Hotel will be doing business from their hands for a relaxed and peaceful Abant vacation life. If you feel that you are starting to relax in the new day with the birds chirping in one of the Abant's places in the bosom of nature, you can also spare time in each other attractive activities in the hotel. For example, you can feel refreshed by refreshing yourself with a massage treatment in the spa section of the hotel.

Among the things you should not miss before you come to Abant are pleasant excursions around the lake. Whether you want to rent a bicycle or a hike or walk. The choice is up to you. In addition to this, you should definitely look at the taste of the red large spotted Abant trout that grows in the lake, and you should enjoy the delicacies of the local breakfast for a long time ...

To mention a little about Abant Lake, which gives its name to the surrounding area; A landslide set with a height of about 1350 meters and covering an area of ​​125 hectares. The deepest lake is 18 meters high. In addition to the accommodation facilities around the lake, there are deer and trout production stations.

We recommend that those who go to Abant do not return without enjoying the special sprinkled village breakfast. At the Abant Natural Life Museum located at the entrance of Abant Lake, the places to visit in Abant must be at your disposal. When you come to Abant, we must say that you should have the opportunity to visit the famous Mudurnu district with its mansions and streets built in Ottoman architecture. You should also witness the opening of lotus flowers that are unique to the Abant Lake, another beautiful part of the region

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